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What would you think had Artec the retaliator's opponent names been his or her own or a different domain name?Isn't it much easier to just add that the comet 666 = rainbow man? Or something along those lines, actual quotes taken from Wikipedia.<|endoftext|>Hillary Clinton cheered on Bernie Sanders as she lambasted the DNC tech directors Wednesday for leak after scandal after ISIS strike that helped cost the insurgent Republican the nomination. "I'm pretty confident we can return the DNC to its former glory...and do so now," Clinton said onstage at Netroots Nation, an annual gathering of progressive activists. "This data theft is one more thing that is just devastating our democracy," Mrs. Clinton added. Cackling, "It is really the Dumbest Idea I have ever heard of." Mrs. Clinton's remarks, though billed as her new "Medicare For All Plan," were never a party line to reporters attending the sprawling event in Phoenix -- rather a cheeky way to dance around questions about how she'd fight to return DNC power to tech professionals, instead of simply redrawing oversight legislation. But when Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D., Hawaii) asked if she'd support making technology professionals salaries permanently higher (with no real cap on what that suggests to be government leverage) and a kind of guarantee vis-a-vis any database hacks, Clinton paused and stared at the crowd and shrugged. Her right hand slowly reached around her as though the baby was about to cuddle it in its crib. Mrs. Clinton's support for standards like Level 4 data encryption, while welcome, still leaves the door wide open for governments and global hackers to exploit them. There are other outstanding questions as well on a line of Clinton. Policy positions like a full panel based on merit are beginning to sound more, well, positive. Still, as Senator Bernie Sanders will soon clear the Democratic Party primaries, Mrs. Clinton's support for continued partisan legislation – and the deceit behind it – are going to be less condescending. Follow Stories Like This Get the Monitor stories you care about delivered to your inbox. Amid Clinton's effort to show the neoliberal-leaning tech community that she belonged somewhere within the Democrat tent, there were diplomats fibbing on infrastructure issues over and over again, fearing unwanted scrutiny. Attacking the Democratic Party's rank and file has been an Obama signature strategy, which is Hillary Clinton's money. Just imagine how much more Obama would've doled out to Republicans screaming at voice over Skype and driving is a body in baskets! I hope he'd still be president after he gets a Bush clogs installed "Look, we've got to have hearts, and we've got to have cars, too, but there's a point where gutter politics gets in the way of so much good," Clinton said finally. Otherwise, "nobody can afford for a young woman who is trying to get a college degree in Silicon Valley to worry that if she doesn't vote for her, then she's indirectly saying trillions of dollars in venture capital will undermine a young man's ambition." Whether he intended it that way, and without a thought on how such sentiment would be received in a rural area, the president actually pushed for the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to care about those under 30. That essentially